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LYRICS : Words from Patrick Fitzgerald, Kitchens of Distinction

These lyrics originally came from Anthony Bailey's Kitchens archive, which was located at 

Here is a list of Kitchens OD songs that I know about. There may be a few gaps here at present!


4 Men

Stars are falling down
Onto this broken-hearted hungry clown
Because he can't get his fill.

Never thought that he would ever
Want this much from a man,
But love is the steepest sharpest slide.  

Oh here he'd lie at your side 
Looking up into the sky
Wondering if this is allowed

But fear rules him easily 
It takes lust and strength 
To turn to you and say

"I want you and I need you"
But I haven't got the fattest chance in hell.

Sun has finally upped and gone 
Being bored of everyone.
I slip of my shirt and shoes.

Time to hate myself again
My small voice and freckled skin
Till the safety of the dark.

Oh here I'd lie between your thighs
Looking up into your eyes
Wondering if this is allowed

But fear rules me easily
It takes lust and strength  
To turn to you and say

"I want you and I need you"
But I haven't got the fattest chance in hell.

So why does the world laugh
And take us on these rides
My dear.

I'll shut my epileptic eyes and 
Daydream of busy nights
My dear.

Because I want you and I'll have you,
I'll crush my arms around
Until I melt inside of you.

Oh god I want you and I need you,
I'll be your son your slave and keeper.

There were four men in this room
Why did you have to go and pick on me?

Anvil Dub

I've got a serious heavy vibe.
It gets bigger all the time.
It emits a strange light
And it shines all night.

I I I I I ...
It gets bigger all the time

It's up to you mate
The problem that you have now.

It's your money 
Up to you
Up to you mate

Take care!

Welcome the kitchen umbrella.
One day there will be universal culture.
It's all money it's all money
And music makes money music makes money.


I was shorebound within seas glare
On blue coat-tails twirling spent.

Blistered foray spits in my eyes
I'll slough this drought of life.
Sink wrecked weak.

About potent turns of thunder
Lightening dagger's up

A thrill now my heart pumps
Matching tideflow turning.
I'll jump and splash and jump and crash

And I wanted to shed my skin 
Into the ocean's suck.
Twisted mountain men
Flowing aspray

And I wanted to shed my fear 
Into the ocean's suck.
Twisted mountain men
Flowing aspray

I was seadrunk under seaspell.
Listen, the swell of the surf

Shameless surging deeper urging
Deeper and deeper still
Still shunned ocean engulf me.

Under seachange like a diver
Snake-dancing spouting free
There's no memory of before me

Grinning water winks 
The ocean sand
Beach burned nausea. 

Blue Pedal

All that was gold has lost its shine.
All that was sure has become obscured.

Yes there was autumn,
Burnished and sleek.
Fit for smiling, winged gliding.

And now it's tarnished silver, 
Fading metal rusting hearts.

Press the cooling pedal of blue freeze.
As she must sleep again,
She must sleep again.
Turn the collapsing wheel of green.

Between deaths we are butter,
Soft believing melting butter,
Well fed and well spread.
Good fed on these deaths of our kind,
of our kind.

Spiralling outer and outer 
Beyond what is there, 
Behind the realm of senses.

Beyond love, beyond our hopeless humanness 
Lies the other side of the bleeding rainbow 
Where bones are collected
And we have come selected 
To recover from this polluted mist.

Between births we're tearing,
Hard gurgling, snarling, 
Fear, lean and wary, alert untrusty.

Still fed on these deaths of our kind
Where bones are collected
And we have come selected 
to recover from this polluted mist.
Outer and outer and outer and outer and outer.

Breathing Fear

So full of hope that he can't sit still,
Even in the presence of strangers.
He's expecting his favourite guest,
The boy with easy virtues.

But when the boy arrives he's got a black eye,
from the lads who plague us outside.
He laughs, calls for the world to die,
then hugs and kisses it better.

Tell him why do you go to extremes
and how it must show.

He's half-full of courage and he stumbles to work,
Where they bitch about their babies.
They ask him where he got his bruises
He mumbles excuses he lies and lies.

He cannot allow them to finish him off.
Over-heated, overwrought.
He refuses to die like a saint,
Half-believed and always deceived.

Giving us grief for centuries now.
Can you never rest.
Beaten insulted skewered and branded.
Isn't waking enough.

You're breathing this fear maybe once a year.
We suffocate every day.

Can't Trust The Waves

When I'm with you
I'm the ocean,
Float within me.

When I look at you
Your brilliant smile stops time,
Intoxicates me.

I can lose myself 
In moments of you,
Nothing ripples, nothing sways.

This tender love feeds my days, 
Damn these foolish childish ways.

What use are these words?
What use are these lips?
My lips only melt on yours.

I can't trust the waves to float me, 
I can't trust the moon that shines on you.

But when I'm with you
I'm the ocean.
And when I'm with you
I've come home.

Come On Now

I think it's time to wake my friend
Invisible men with the forever grin
We do wrong but we do it together
He stops me of thinking of people to murder

I must keep it together
I hate to compromise
But when the felons are out feloning
He is a place to hide

And his laugh, it gets me through
Those troubled hours of men in suits
And his face, it gets a smile
Erases their skyscraper lies

I take him out to save my skin
When I can't last the evening
Dresses my lips with angel kiss
Under lemon moons and ice-cube licks

I must keep it together
I hate to compromise
But when the felons are out feloning
He is a place to hide

And his laugh...

Come on now, come on now, we can beat the storm

For your face a sacrifice
For your grace, a higher life
In the cave behind your eyes
Where we can climb and we light fires

We'll light fires


See see see these scars
Watch as I peel them off.
Around my neck see man and wife
In a sad normal situation.

They laugh and die and laugh and die.
My neck is throbbing.

And here under my eye is Winston
Burning my lashes with cigarette number 232.
I always say yes and maybe it was all so right.

I concede.
Watch me and concede that it was alright fine bye bye.

Thanks for the violent tea your lovely frock
I promise to taste it when I feel betrayed.
Could I be less betrayed?

Courage, Mother

There has been a question here 
About a major leaving do.
Should they stay together till death
Or ruin every hope they had and let go?

Can he let her go?  
Has she strength to show?
Is there life after wife?
But what if she's right?

Then questions from catholic woods
From delicate rich neighbourhoods.
Should she stay fat and betrayed 
Or be poor again by letting go?

Can she afford to leave?
Has she strength to show?
Is there life after death?
But what if she's right to leave him?

And what if she dares to take herself to church,
Shatter vows so sacred
Tell Him when her heart lies
Leave the children crying bravely letting go?

There have been some questions here
From a boy whose choice is clear.
Could you forgive easily and live with someone
Free of guilt who let go?

Cowboys And Aliens

Whirring, see the weird ship landing
Come to take us home with them
To a world of love
Do you want to come with us?

Fetch no net of safety
No armour no defences
We won't fight, we'll swish by
Stirring blood to rage

Gather the bruised and imperfected
The cursed and the rejected
We'll take them to our ship
We'll fly away from here
We'll take away our finery
Leave this place to rust.

The angles are bleeding
As they watch the thin-lipped shaking
Lost their nerve, we've gone too far
Yes we had to rage so hard
Gather the bruised and imperfected
The cursed and the rejected
We'll take them to our ship
We'll fly away from here
We're taking all our culture
Leave them all to rust
We're leaving ugly dust.

Drive That Fast

You stand here in my place
Feel the warmth upon your face
Stand back and start to smile
You now have time, you now have will.

I would never want to leave this country
Where roads are fast and knowledge easy.
I would never want to take you with me
Unless you're open and trust my hand.

I would never wish this much on you
When what you have might be enough.
I would never want to drive that fast
Unless you're ready, willing, happy.

Take me away from these simple feelings I know 
There's places on the other sides of here.
Take me away from these simple feelings I know,
I'll take that car and drive there faster.

I would never want to take you with me
Until you're open and grab my hand.
I would never wish this much on you
Until you like to live that fast.

I would never want to do that to you
To take you far and leave you stranded.
I have never gone quite far enough
But you can get off whenever you like.


Sharpen your stunted tusks in this city night.
Yesterday a wide-eyed stabbing
Tonight a crowbar fight a desperate fight.

Sleeping alone and drugged frightened fat and wet
I swear I'm chasing sanity 
Lost easy laughter and forgetting.

I'm going south
To feed the animals
I'm going south
Become elephantine.

Elephant in drought-struck shock is trumpeting her grief.
Stays with her dying baby trunk stroking dry and persued
She dies too.

How can I justify wailing at these walls?
Every great nation ends up deserving war.

Get Over Yourself

Still we are waiting
For the shining eyes of wisdom
To take the reins of our lives
But no-one who's clever ever wants to take control
They'd rather join the gasp
Of the witnesses below
Tightrope walkers
High-wire actors
We wait for them to fall

There is no glade full of all the laughing people
Don't think you are over of life's ugly failure
We are all lost in deep dark dark woods
2000 years not too late
We spend all our live
Getting over ourselves

So please as you're waiting
For the bloodhound of wisdom
Open your eyes to the other lives
That creak by
For no-one's ever right, not even me.

Still we are waiting
For something with wisdom

Gone World Gone

Animal nuzzles up to my shoulder.
Sweats and grunts and pushes me over.
With its musty mane in my eyes
I'm closed off and protected.

Inside sleep together,
Sleep within sleep,
It's everywhere.
I'm safe, safe with the head of the animal.

Breath on my breath,
there's nothing else.
Gone, world, gone.

When we wake in all our red rooms,
Next to pillows that scream "alone",
And we're shaking uncompleted,
Aching for this creeping sleep 
On which to ride away.

Sleep is the animal whose name is safety,
Whose name is angel's wings,
Whose name is never will it happen to me,
Whose arms are the longest the world will ever see,
Whose voice is Jesus saying "Innocence is the child",
Whose breath is warmth and the scent of safety and the taste of purity.

Animal flies me in a hollow in its belly.
Until the world's gone.

Inside a world inside a world 
Inside a world without end.

Gorgeous Love

I can feel the waves of your gorgeous love
And it hurts to think that this is seen as wrong.
I can take your pain, anything, to overcome our fear
And we're strong, strong enough to prove it.

I notice things about you as the morning kisses your eyes
How your face relaxes through the caress of night
How in the evening it's tense and pulled features
And we know how easily we can smooth them.

You turn to touch me to hold me fast.
You turn to touch me to whisper your love.
Here are the words of those who dared to speak
Of this open noisy big brilliant love
Which is all I have to give.

I never knew that our need for love could be so strong
I'm not confessing, time disappears when we're alone.
I'm not ashamed of expressing the love I hold for you.
It's ultra-romantic, I fear everything that's not you.

I fell asleep, when I wake
You were staring at me in this draining orange London light.


I am the sinner with only socks on.
They huddle around me and cross their arms.
Seeking chaos in injury
Fear of breathing close to me.

Hammer it home I want to hammer it in.
Take the lot on and never give in.
You don't know the pain it can cause
You don't know how far we had got.

Now there is blood swirling inside of me.
I cannot cut it and hurl it away.
The problem returner a gift from hell
It licks and holds onto your fear.

Hammer it home I want to hammer it in.
Take the lot on and never give in.
You don't know the pain it can cause
You don't know how far we'd got.

Hammer it home if you'll believe me still
And my surprise at this kill.
What would you do if you were like me
Taken in when he said

That he wanted to take me home
And he takes me up to his room
And he says no no no no it's good
But it's a last fatal fuck.

Then you know that love is hell.

He Holds Her, He Needs Her

Restless in the arms of the one she loved to hold.
Pulling back as if to say I need space, let me alone.
She cannot leave him being the man he is.
When he holds her he tells her that he needs her.

Restless in the arms of the one she loved to hold.
Pulling back as if to say, I need space, let me alone.
She wakes to the sound of growing fear outside.
Inside there's silence still the urgent need to leave.

Beware my wings she'd say, 
My hundred eyes and changing skin.
You cannot know me anymore.
She'd frown and fly and out she'd go.

What is it he asks.  Beware my wings she wants to say.
Then she leans over and makes to tear them off.
No more flying without out you she says and laughs.
He looks at her with stones in his eyes.

Ease away the stones and let's see what's underneath.
The things that pull us apart, the fears that pull love apart. 

Her Last Day In Bed

The look of death is in her eyes
Sunken dry glazed and calm
Unable to smile or frown.

Softly she's lying waiting to go
Like browning in the sun.

Me?  I'm watching to see what happens
To her crisp useless flesh.

"Oh darling" I say as she twitches away
"Tell me what's it like?
Drifting into your unknown space
Tell me is there a bright light?

"Oh darling you promised to talk to me
Even after today.
Keep me a seat at the drinking place
Between heaven and here."

Me?  I'd want a shot in my arm
Or the stab of a heart attack.
Something quick you see.

She breathes her last
I hold her hand
Her skin's suddenly yellow.

I have no more questions 
For she has no answers
I swallow her voice...

Here Come The Swans

Gliding, up and down
Choked on diamonds
Giving the world a view, here come the swans

Red-headed leader one, venom spitting clouds
Swagger fake-breasted song, here come the swans

Trident spear in tow, careful as she swings it low
Slices the praisers, here come the swans

Terror all around, beauty can terrorize
Riot on fake-feathered friends, here killed the swans

Wake up, shake up your blanket of sorrows
Warm tongue in one ear, pearl gun in the other

They glide into the sun
They hide away the moon
They hijack the bloody night
They idolise their wounds


This fluid motion
In and out of sleep 
Gets the mind awondering.
Between roadsides and streets.

Between mountainsides
And boats and aeroplane rides.
Not knowing what's controlling
The scenes in front of my eyes.

Bemused bewildered a hundred times thankful
I'm in the lap of the sweetest hours.

I have slept ten thousand nights
And I'll wake from a thousand more.
Being in and out of different worlds
And hoping for millions more.

When I wake to find something's changed
I'm deceived for the world spins on the same.

No raw area.
In sleep there is no pain.
No joy no love no worry
Maybe an unquiet dream.

I'll turn away from laughter.
I'll turn away from love.
When the finest sanctuary unfolds
And pulls me underneath.

Bemused bewildered and a hundred times thankful
I'm in the lap of the sweetest hours.

In A Cave

Will you jump up here next to me?
The moon is close and warm and serene
And it's mine for you.

In this cave I have found just for us
Forget your fat it's a pillow soft for my neck
In this cave on the moon built for you
Just for you because you're perfect
O mental patch it swells and shudders
All your skin and hair in moonlight
With a hole in the roof
Where we can watch our planet circle away.

Will you touch the cave's cream stone walls?
Here I'll hold your tender years
And they're mine your youth is mine in this cave.

So jump up here onto the closer moon.
I'll have the food and downy warmth.
Your love will rear a family in this cave on the moon.

Where we can watch our planet circle away and come back.
In this cave on the moon.


"I wake up" she says "a day in decline.
The first drink is best done at the leafy window
With the big empty expanse below.

"I know his face is out there
The one that looks like mine.
It will come to this window steam it up kiss it.

"That's love.  
He will wash all my clothes and my skin."

Take the fullest day.
Would you wrap it light in hair?
Her razored head in a mirror twirls
It twirls around and the curls are on her lap.

Sun sun sun the sun lights it up lights it up
A clear bath blue a clear bath blue.

The room drips slowly like a clock
Its plants are young and clean and bright
She looks up past the sink through the window
Feeling lightness then down down.

Magnetic lightness pulls a branch of skin
Her halo dims down she gathers her curls into a bunch
To burn the lot to burn the lot.

They crackle.  So much for innocence.
"They'll not want me now.  He'll not want me now."

Mad As Snow

It's OK, It's OK,
I promise I'll stay.
Turn down the lights,

I'll sit with you,
We'll talk like we're friends.
Tell me where this troubled love began.

We can count the flakes as it snows and snows.
We can't get hurt.  It melts and fades.

Close your eyes.
They've all gone now.
So it's safe with me.

Was it only last week
We got stoned off the sky,
Flew under the stars?

Was it only last week
We made crazy promises,
Mad as the snow?

Close your eyes.
They've all gone now,
So it's safe with me tonight.

Mainly Mornings

I open my eyes and look at his face again.
Oh good god so nothing's changed.
The shopping to eat and the coffee to drink
The untrusty work in this miserable clink.

He reaches for a packet of cigarettes on the table
And takes one and lights it and inhales again.
I close the front door behind him again
Oh yes dear child it's safe to come in why don't you come in.

Where there's the television the radio the telephone
It all helps
There's the car the sex the love the alcohol
It all helps it all helps.

Sometimes I want to push the pedal down a little further
Until the car is unhappy.
Mainly mornings.

Margaret's Injection

Love is our large concern 
But that's become difficult to share.
She cannot open her eyes
They've been glued by greed.

I'm not in the habit of hurting a person
Never relished violence
But Margaret it's time for your injection.

Should I fetch a priest and gun?
Her trip is now beginning
She dies unloved.

She'll never be forgotten she made sure of that
Selling back to people what they'd already got.

I wish I missed you more not never a wound to heal.
I wish I'd hurt you more pain is your just reward.
I wish I'd killed you more pain is your just reward.

Time is now mine to kill.  
Her corpse is now threatening to smell.
I watch her blood congeal just skin and bones.

She'll never be forgotten we'll paint on her grave
And take from her kind any love that they'd made.

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye

All the stones inside my head
Were carefully removed
By the doctor's perfumed scarlet hands
She delved in deep for your savage teeth
That sparkled diamonds fire blue
Eating me and thrilling you
The voices have now gone
I'm looking forward to living alone

Now it's time to say goodbye
I won't stay around to be hurt by careless words
So here's the jar of your hate
Returned complete, sincerely yours, fully restored

But peace perfect peace
Could belong to me I'd bottle it
For love's like the sea
They're hungry gods with careless hands
That wrap themselves around our lives
So hard to resist
They swallowed me, you swallowed me
I closed my eyes, I disappeared

Now it's time to say goodbye
I won't stay around to be hurt by careless words

No, I suppose it's colder when you're dead
Your violent gift, I bottled it
Now it's gone, I'm in bloom

Give me strength give me hope
Give me no-one new to hold
If I saw you lately what would I say?
Give me peace please walk away
You have nothing new to say
If I saw you falling how wide could I smile?

On Tooting Broadway Station

On Tooting Broadway station
I knelt down and wept.
My hands hit the concrete floor
Until my fingers bled.

I will cut him out of my heart,
I will leave these tears in pools.
Tripped over these pourings, tripped over his feelings,
I've cut him out of my heart.

Burn, burn his clothes,
Burn everything he owned
And the empty chamber left,
I'll carry around as this hollowness
That drags in my voice.

Burn, burn it all,
Burn, burn it all.
Benedictory fire, blessing of the burns.

On Tooting Broadway station
I lay down and slept. 
The concrete for a pillow,
Fingers in bandages.

I cut him out I lie here dry,
I unstiched the bindweed of love.

Burn, burn his clothes...
Burn, burn it all...
My John of Arc...
burn, burn it all...

Give me his charred heart,
Give me his fillings.
And god, give me god to forgive me.

Burn, burn it all...
My John of Arc, fire fire.
My John of Arc,
fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire.

One Of Those Sometimes Is Now

No sliver of moon
The dark hurts my eyes
Dream-chimed awake, solemnized

Counting the breaths
That threaten the calm
Cos you're not here and it's too late to call

Cruel scenes of how bad I've been
Pulled low, oh how could I know?
Fogs, voices, tears

Sometimes I lie shaken awake
Blistered with crazy thoughts of you
And a hundred ways to lose
Sometimes sense is too remote
Dark stars threaten to conspire
They scare like your eyes
One of those sometimes is now

Waiting for safety
In the solace of the sun
When the fevers of love are driven home

Help me forget
The last touch of you
I can't believe I didn't say I love you

Sometimes I feel such shame
Lost words, hide my eyes
I'm not myself with you
Sometimes I feel such blame
How could I ever explain?
When one of those sometimes is now.


She pierced herself with a silver ring
And her tattooed back
Of a black black dancing sun
The night blazed away
As we swam and stared
At the stars that decorate the sky
We owned for just one night

Feeling luck pour down our thirsty open throats
Tequila tequila glad to meet you
Who cares where we'll be 
Hours from now, years on from now

She pierced herself with a wedding ring
We laugh too hard at old photographs
Of when we tripped and when we span
Her husband offered cocaine

She needs more than he can give
Her eyes still glisten when she
Gives her young cry
"I want to die really really living"

Me?  I'm fine
I'm sensitised
I opened my eyes.


Here are several pictures and pictures mean the past.
Here's a pretty desert scene and here a sea of grass.
Likely orchards and vacant lots, big men grinning and holding hands.
All the time the season's win and everything is lost

Something said's been said before but it's often worth repeating.
All the times that made the world are slipping into forgetting.
How are you and what did you do before you started thinking?
I am fine and shaky still, this side of things gets clearer.

I'll never have the time to suffer my easy past.
I'll never have a camera to distub my rosy past.
I'll never have a sober night whilst the drink lasts.
Here is a picture, I guess he's probably dead.
Here's another picture, the fantastic three off their heads.
Ignore this Western trip, little thing, there's so many other ideas.
I live in the songlines of boys from all over the world

Something said's been said before and here I am repeating
That all the times that made my world cannot be forgotten
And I'll never have a camera to keep these lies.

Here am I sitting in the sun with burning skin and a big red book
And here are you on holiday, I wonder if you still look that way.

These damn pictures 
I could forget
Things so quickly 
But they're always here
I cannot throw 
Memories away.
Here comes the sickler 
With his brand new polaroids.

Here are several pictures and pictures mean the past.
Here I go into fogginess, all my past destroyed. 

Prince Of Mars

Hide him away from the backhand of angry
He'll sit quietly as the fizzyness flows around
Never seen wars before, never been to a party
He says "they laugh like balloons, they dance like baboons
They're so different when it's dark"
Hiding away as the noise gets louder
Watching the people loose in the corridor
Too many questions
He can't stay long, this is not his world
"Why are their lips even redder than
The bad one in Snow White
Why do they shout so, are they in pain
I don't understand
Can't stay much longer, I must tame my fox
So this is what goes on when you grow old."

Hiding away in memory now sits my Prince laughing
He had to go, we all have to go, there's too much I didn't ask
Like "what happens when you know the answer
But they're so used to you being wrong?
And why this cover when caught inside
We're heavy hearted, too close to the knives
Our hearts are closing like hammer horror walls
Fingermarked skin, hurt to the bone
We don't understand
Oh, my Prince, answer please
I'll get the pencils
We'll draw ourselves a new world."


Well we were talking and we were drinking
Letting the fat flow go
And we were asking and we were thinking
In the belly of a bar.

It was easy almost indifferent
Until my heckles rise.
What's that you're asking if I remember?
The pub walls are dissolving.

The guilt was thin then, his hair long.
Brown to match his eyes.
It's none of your business what his name was
Would I even get a prize?

There's been a hundred and that's not boasting
Just the ways of this world.
How dare he even ask this?
These pub walls are drowning.

Your glass is empty just like your heard.
It's these times I don't know you.
And how about you can you remember?
You shake your head and say "Drunk."

It's a small thing why am I angry?
These words are signs of warning
Because behind them there's the implication...
The pub is burning down.

So do I get a prize for remembering that first time,
Do I get a prize for remembering his name?

Quick As Rainbows

As she walks home tonight
To her house and ignores the stars
She knows there's no-one waiting.

Tomorrow isn't clear enough
To give her strength or make her want
To wake and want in the morning.

And there's hope that I've taken
And there's drugs to make it painless.
And men, we're quick as rainbows.
Always rare to keep her thirsty
And I've gone like she'd always known.

As I walk home tonight 
To my house and ignore the stars,
I know there's someone waiting.

Tomorrow is very clear
It gives me strength 
To wake and walk in the morning.

But there's hope that I've taken...

There were times of trouble dreams of hate.
I'd take her down to the lake with our love.
Watch it swim we'd watch it drown.
Watch our love bob up and down.

And there's hope that I've taken
And these dreams to make it painful.
And men, we're quick as rainbows.
Always rare to keep her thirsty
And I've gone like she'd always known.

Always corpses at breakfast time.


Softly softly comes the train into the station.
She has often waited and wondered if he'll come.
Why was he kept away then, held from coming home now?
Was it troubled loyalty or a brand new family?

Will he step down onto the platform?
Will he stay now or fall again?

Softly softly comes the feeling that she loves him
Remembering his birthday and sentimental times.
Was she really that bad to force him to silence?
Were her tears forgotten or was it just that letter of pain?

Daddy will you stay this time?
Daddy will you walk away?

Shower her with your old tears
Give to her your lovely lost look.
Open now those cold blue eyes.
Promise her there'll be no more goodbyes
No more surprises.

Softly softly feeling as if she is just dreaming.
Daddy she has been good you must be here to stay.
Slowly the steam is rising, she's shouting as she sees you
She's running up to hold you, will your arms be there?

Daddy will you stay this time?
Daddy will you fall again?

Remember Me?

Nothing to hide so I sing too loud
Not like you, you keep
Obscured from me
Clouded intrigue
Oh open up, speak to me
I've nothing to hide so I'll talk to you for hours
But I am closer to the poles
They're merely cold as ice, impossible to touch

Hello, hello, I've called too late
To ask you to remember me
You picked me up and drove around
With Beethoven and rose garlands
Yes I know it's long ago
And times have changed your tastes so
But it was you who talked so much
About infatuation you called love

Nothing to lose 
So I called out of the blue
Just to hear your silky tones
Whisper "Hello, do you know what time it is?"
I'm so sorry I forgot the vast space between us
That closed off your heart

Sand On Fire

Hey you, look through the window
Stained glass laughter peering through
Walking with the sand on fire
Ten torches burning through

Reveal to us, what we should do

We are so alive
We are so inspired
When we were young we were careful and prudish
Now we are creased we're trivial and foolish
When we were young we were prayerful and prudish
Now we are wise we're waltzing on fire.


Wait and watch she's defrosting.
Wets in trickles of sunshine orange skin.
Slowly come the gong of her voice
Flopping belly seallike onto my aching back.

She'll make you shiver make my fleshiver.

Waiting's over she's singing. 
Surfs the shaking roof of my mouth.
I am the moose I'll howl at the flakiest moon.

She'll make you shiver make my fleshiver.

She guides a weight into my spine
Melts the darkest day thaws a man out of my back
Licks and quivers until...


He's not falling, simply waiting,
Fading at the edges.
Sitting back, thinking that there's little point in moving.

He smiles, says his stars are friendly,
Anything can be done.
"Shall we get very drunk?"
He says "I stay alive.  It's the best thing,
The only thing I know."

She's not talking, easy dreaming
All that life away.
She gets laughing, missed the light,
No regrets today.

She looks up, another sunset,
"Was it very very good?"
"Shall we get really high?"
She says, "I stay alive.  It's the best thing
The only thing I know."

She says, "Hold me, hold me hard,
Hold me, hold me harder.
Stop me thinking about myself.
Stop me hoping for more than I am." 

She says, "Why do I want more than good looks?
Why do I want more than great books?
Is that all there is?"
She smiles and stays alive.
It's the best thing, the only thing she knows.

They're together, 
Simply dancing all the nights away.
There's the window 
Let's wait up for this precious dawn.

He smiles, tells her she looks lovely,
Anything can be done.
She looks up and laughs.
He says "I stay alive.
It's the best thing, the only thing I can give you."

I was brought up with higher expectations.
I was brought up that hell's a hippies way to go.
He says "Hold me..."

The 1001st Fault

I remeber I lit a cigarette then bravely marched in and spat.
Yes he's the only reason I'm leaving 
It shows you have no heart at all.

Stupid me I knew you'd not be thoughtful
But did it have to be our friend?

I realise I've changed but you
You're using betrayal as if it's your favourite sin.

I'm slowly walking out
To my old friend in a car
His claws won't be as shiny
His pillow talk never in doubt.

Call me you said
Call you what I answered.
You used to love the street I came from
Its diseased crowned casualities.

My battered pride swirled around you
A cloak of a thousand sneers.
It's love you were after and now you've lost it.
Will this hunger never cease?

I'm slowly walking out
To my old friend in a car
His claws won't be as shiny
His pillow talk never in doubt.

Learn to never trust a beautiful lad
Who says his old lover will never mind.

So you've forced me now to leave
For my lovely face must be saved
But I'd have put up with your thousand faults
For your flesh was my favorite dish.

The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule

Go good and gentle men 
I'm falling asleep again.

Take my sins and take my tablets
Have these notions culled from oceans (of experience).

Hide them well in fear
I'll abuse them wake up with an unchanged whim.

Take my sins and take my tablets
Have these notions culled from oceans.

The third time we opened the capsule everything went.....

Here sings the innocent 
He's turning water into brine.

Take my words and take my language
Have these notions culled from oceans.

Hide them well and let them rust
Falling asleep with more to trust.

Take my words and take my language
Take my words and take my language.

The third time we opened the capsule everything went.....

I want a light to shine in my eye
Holding secrets in controlled flight to make it easy
Breathing big take these truths and dig dig dig.

These Drinkers

(Nothing's untainted not even Pooh Bear).

Switch off the noises with the drunks.
Pull around the fire until there's burnt hands
And the moon is the fattest and the fullest,
And it's a god with ideas of mirth.

Oh switch off the sun with these painful eyes.
The sight of anything is too much to do.

Turn to the wall to wet your feet
Blinded deaf and happy at least.
Turn off the noises of incessant voices
That tell this and lie about whatever.

The only weapon is a beautiful fresh bottle
With memory collapsing under its tidal waves.
The stars are vibrating signs 
Advertising names and faces and places of monsters.

Unplugging the lot because there's not enough dark
In which to hide not even to sleep,
Not even to sleep with these drinkers.

The bright pain of nightmare
And the loss of all reason
Brings no such releases.
Nowhere to climb anymore.

Thought He Had Everything

11am he's already excited
Pacing the flat, runs out to the park
The city is wheezing, in the sun he's breathless
He hits the ground hard, he laughs out loud.

I thought he had everything

11pm he gets too nervous
Even with his friends and beer for company
He runs out of bars to get fresh air
He must get home before he breaks without reason

I thought he had everything

When he's home he plays tapes of 70s records
He stares at the bookshelf, the off TV
He hasn't any reason, no god to believe in
Everything he sings doesn't help any more

But if he was in love
He'd have someone to shout at
When you're in love
You have someone to hit.

Time To Groan

Hey it always cuts her down when he talks about freedom.
"Free from what my work is done my social conscience forgiven."

These are fast times speed is thrill times, he won't stop to understand.
She's taken years to get this for crying hurry all along.

What could she want from all these abrupt men?
What can she gain from all of those fast friends?
What can she take on?
Simply slow life.

Hey she's bought her time to groan for singing and cooking.
Living slower from now on, ignoring his pacing.

Like a baby like a madman she'll eat and sleep as she pleases
And demand a three hour speech on his fondness for her knees.

Slowing down sweat no more now with time life can glow glow.

Under The Sky, Inside The Sea

Well here we are standing at the sea.

The sea eats the shore it's always hungry.
We fall from laughing at the size of it all.
Drinking wishing smoking hoping
He says "Well, here we are at the edge of the world."

Well here we are standing at the sea.
Paradise is not where he wants to be.
He counts the stars wishing they were blurred.
Willing the sky to paint them green.

Well here we are staring at the sun.
Under the sky, inside the sea.

What Happens Now?

Draw me something, draw a line 
Connecting what we did to what happens now.
I don't understand how we changed
Not sure I'll ever know.

It's all circles, colliding spheres,
I closed off, chaos appears.

Once we were all smiles and plans, 
And dressing up to go
Playing outside playing cars,
Now it's all been tamed I yell.

Don't stop.  Don't leave me here.
Don't stop.  Won't get caught again.
You can't go.  There's no sense anymore.

A tap of tears and a veil of guilt taunt me now.
Growing growing growing gone,
Years pick up speed again.

Throw me pointers, no more jibes.
There's this ancient knot inside my chest,
It works its way into my throat,
Will not let these stories out.

Refusal works it always wins,
Too much thought, too few grins.

Free you say, free to roam,
but down below Father, Mother, always guiding,
pointing out a world I refuse to know.

Don't stop.  Don't stop, say it's all OK.
You say, "Where's the ache of freedom?
Where's the devil's whispers?
This is the sweetest pain, run and run.
Jump up as far as you can, 
shake your head and breathe."

When In Heaven

When Marilyn Monroe woke up in heaven,
She had everything she'd need 
For the perfect day, 
The perfect man takes her walking
Where no-one can stare.

She goes shopping and finds the perfect clothes 
To wear for the perfect sleep

But down here

We're dreaming of cures, and drinking well tonight.
Forgetting all our sorrows, put away our fights
Until tomorrow comes around.

We sit in the pub waiting for the clubs to open.
We will be safe tonight and not wake up next to strangers
thinking I killed the one I loved.

He's drinking slowly, got a hangover
And a smoked up chest that's too tight.

I dream on.

Imagine what could happen after this drink 
I'm wearing wings.
Join Lauren Bacall float up to heaven's gate.
Wearing danger smiles. 

She'll meet with the stars,
They'll break down doors.
Those shining pearls float off in space.
I'm raving beautifully.

When Marilyn Monroe woke up in heaven
She had everything I'd need.

When I go to heaven and stand shivering before this god,
I'll try some complaining, "why that little tiny trick?"

Give me the pearls of love, of wisdom and of smiles.
Give me another chance, a beautiful set of wings.  

In Heaven.
When I wake up in heaven.

Within The Daze Of Passion

This good I swear I'm staying lurking in your arms.
So good in sin I'm staying with you and your bitter senses.
Waking within the daze of...

Tell me this is so easy inside your words and feelings.
Promise me there'll be no ending.  
Stay here with your brilliant kisses, please.
Waking within the daze of passion.

I cannot rouse myself from this slap of passion.
I cannot pull away from this daze of passion.
No good in pretending.
I want you right now.

Turn around and whisper sweetly 
I cannot fake any more
Not waking within the daze of...

Touched, used, I can take it.
Lost now as love tightens.
Yes, good, there is no ending.
You're here with your easy wishes, I fulfill.

Not waking within the daze of passion.