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INFLUENCED : Bands that influenced Kitchens of Distinction

Trailblazers often don't have any.


INFLUENCE : Bands that count Kitchens of Distinction as one of their influences

Springhouse :

Smitten :

Cali Swain :

[ditch croaker]

ditch croaker
secrets of the mule
In Bloom/Reprise (CD)

30 second sound clip

Apparently new listeners frequently expect Ditch Croaker to be Yet Another Grunge Act, and the first few seconds of "Riverside Estrangement", the disc's first track, seem to support the assumption. And then, some 40 seconds later, everything changes. This is urgent, vibrant pop music for people who can discern and appreciate the pop aspects of Joy Division and Husker Du. The disc is a beautiful thing, full of plaintive emotion and palpable atmospheres; witness, for instance, "Riverside Estrangement"'s slow collapse from staccato guitar echos to a muted, synthesized windsong. There's a dreamy quality to Ditch Croaker, derived from equal parts guitar hum and very subtle keyboard-backing (which I assume is the credited "additional production" by Adam Lasus) -- rather like Kitchens of Distinction for busy people. It's a disc of stand-out tracks, but the syncopated "Hebba Ho" and the tangibly angry "Meatgrinder" are among the best. No duds here! --gz