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ARTWORK : From kitsch to cold, Kitchens of Distinction album covers

Last Gasp Death Shuffle - the first single!

Last Gasp Death Shuffle - the first single!


elephantine_lg.jpg (271281 bytes)

Elephantine EP

loveishell_lg.jpg (238366 bytes)

Love is Hell album


quickasrainbows_lg.jpg (253810 bytes)

Quick as Rainbows single

Prize single (UK single, courtesy of Flavio Pancetti)

The Thuird Time We Opened The Capsule (UK single, courtesy of Flavio Pancetti)


sfw_lg.jpg (311437 bytes)

Strange Free World album

gorglove_lg.jpg (265787 bytes)

Gorgeous Love single

drive_lg.jpg (294504 bytes)

Drive That Fast (single second photo: UK single, courtesy of Flavio Pancetti)

Quick as Rainbows single

dthofcool_lg.jpg (305747 bytes)

Death of Cool album

wheinheaven.jpg (37675 bytes)

When in Heaven single

4 Men Promotional single

Smiling single

db&al_lg.jpg (221624 bytes)

Cowboys and Aliens album

goodbye_lg.jpg (244097 bytes)

Now It's Time To Say Goodbye single (English version comes in a plastic case and has four songs on it, the American promo version comes in a a digipack and has the single song.  Both have the same cover art.)

cowboypromo.jpg (94012 bytes)

This is the cover of the Cowboys and Aliens U.S. Promo.  Quite rare, features a young Dan Goodwin banging on a drum...  Note the list of songs; "Jesus Nevada", "White Horses", and "What We Really Wanted To Do" are all featured on the English version of the "Now It's Time To Say Goodbye" single, whereas the American digipack promo version of NITTSG contains only that one song.

feelmygenie.jpg (37659 bytes)feelmygenie_back.jpg (41322 bytes)

Feel My Genie single, when the band was known as Kitchens O.D.  The last official release by Kitchens of Distinction, this CD appeared on the Fierce Panda label.

capsule.jpg (10602 bytes)

Capsule - The Best of KOD: 1988-94

Rest in peace, KOD.


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