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This page is called "The Brickmason's Sons" because several members of the Carney family who came to America after 1855 were brick and stone masons. Their hands built some of the first brick buildings in Bay City, Michigan, my home town, and several of those buildings still stand and are being used today.  Those Carney family members eventually left Bay City and scattered to Detroit, Cleveland, New York, and beyond.  Perhaps you may be related to one of them?

The CARNEY (and KEARNEY, and variants) mailing list is a publically accessible mailing list that you can post your queries to.  You can subscribe to the list by sending a message to CARNEY-L-request@rootsweb.com that contains the word subscribe and nothing else.

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CARNEY family genealogy

BACKELIN / BACKELEN family of Hudiksvall, Sweden, to Bay County, Michigan.

BAUM family  of Ackworth, Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

BEEGAN family  This is my mother's mother's family.

BROWN family  This is my dad's mother's family.  I still have a lot of work to do here.

CAMPSALL family From Fishlake, Yorkshire, England.

COLE family  of Macomb County.

CORNISH family  The last name Cornish, not the ancient people of Cornwall.


CUNNINGHAM family  A former mayor and prominent physicians are part of this family.

EVERETT family  Of Macomb County, around 1880.

FISHER family, of Stillingfleet, Yorkshire, England

GAMBLE family  Early farmers in Macomb County, Michigan, who originally came from Fishlake, Yorkshire, England.

GREENBERG family  While not a "blood" relative, Matt Greenberg was the fatherly influence in my dad's life (as well as being my great-grandmother's third husband).  Matt instilled values in my father that he gave to me and I will give to my children.

HANSON family  My Swede side shows through.

Mc HUGH family  The McHugh family was close to the Carney family, as a Carney gal married a McHugh, and a McHugh and a Carney were lawyers and judges together.


POOLE family  The Pooles are relative newcomers to this country.

RAYER family  The Rayers were primarily from Washtenaw county.

SMITH family  The Smiths were early settlers in Macomb County.

SPAULDING family  The Spauldings were early settlers in Macomb County, and were prominent citizens active in local government.

SPEIR family 

SWEENEY family 

THOMPSON family 

TRUDELL family 

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